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Developing a Research Career

In the present internationally competitive research environment where public funding for research is decreasing, it is essential that researchers focus their efforts to ensure maximum productivity. Newer researchers especially can benefit substantially from assistance with developing career strategies: choice of colleagues and research area; publication strategies; grant submissions; and general international recognition.

We offer workshops that demonstrate strategies and techniques participants can use to maximise their research productivity.

Objectives – For participants to:

  • Understand and plan strategically; establish networks and research collaboration,
  • Write more competitive grant funding applications;
  • Improve the quality of their publication record

Suggested Topics:

  • Aims; Agenda — teaching/research nexus; excellent research
  • Strategic planning— what is it? how to do it effectively
  • Project management — what is it? why is it important?
  • People skills and relationship management — their value; how to develop them; emotional intelligence
  • Selling your accomplishments— what have I got worth selling? how do I sell them?
  • The ideal CV/resume— what is in it? how to prepare it
  • How to focus your research— why do I need to? when should I? advantages and disadvantages of focusing
  • Research ethics and integrity— what are they? why are they essential? university responsibility; what to do to guarantee it; plagiarism; correct authorship
  • Networking— what is a network? who is in mine?
  • Mentoring— who? why is it important? how?
  • Research Collaboration — advantages and disadvantages; when to commence; when to bring it to a close
  • Commercialisation — what is it? is it necessary? how to go about it
  • Improving your publications — when to publish? what to publish, where? what is a good publication? the ideal publication; responding to reviewers; why manuscripts are rejected
  • Types of grants to get funding— categories; local, national competitive; philanthropy
  • Applying for grants— major points to consider; what do assessors look for? major reasons applications are unsuccessful; specific local and national competitive grants and Fellowships

Our free book on this topic can be downloaded here in English, Arabic, Chinese (modern standard), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish editions.

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